A Call To Gentleness

I dream of softness. A lightness of being on repeat. These words were unknown to my vernacular. My adult roots formed from a city that never sleeps. To those who pushed the hardest, to extend beyond potentiality, a reward of status, wealth, and acceptance waiting. But I didn’t feel complete as promised.

So I left and I went on a journey. In hopes to discover belonging, purpose, and kinship. Distracted by discovery, nurturing my curiosity, I moved through the world with a new sense. Until the unfamiliar became familiar. And I fell into despair again.

Soon the world came to a halt. A forced inward stillness. Time expanded. Appreciation flourished. The fear and unknown made each day a gift. Each interaction a present from the uncertainty. Reframed mindset. What exactly were we chasing before? Trying to remember why I was even on this journey.

I call a movement towards gentleness. Where we are slow and kind to ourselves, to others, and to the outside. Putting our fingers to our lips as if to tell that achievement addict self to pause before reacting. That rest is equally important as doing. That communication of warmth breeds opening.

This is my gentle wish.

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