A Traveler's Wish list

Updated: May 23, 2020

I've been on the road a while and I've have some thoughts on things I wish was out there, not only for myself, but I think others would find useful. I'm putting it here in case anyone knows an app or product that exists or someone that wants to partner and get this done.

1. A language translator ear buds. I've heard google is working on this but really, when is it coming out?

2. A traveler's fitness app. A platform that lists, rates, shows schedules, and books fitness classes around the world. Mind-body meets yelp.

3. Hierarchy of needs: belonging app. An app that connects me to friends in my network that is nearby my location (something we all actually use).

4. A curated connector platform. A platform that introduces me to like-minded people in my location. Something that helps me connect with people that SHOULD be in my network.

5. A travel concierge. Help for nomads as a membership model. The assistants do admin requests, book airbnbs, organize pet travel documents, have groceries delivered to my airbnb when I get there.

6. Google map for travelers. This is a google map additional product, where I can save a set of searches that when I click to it, it automatically shows these searches nearby. For example, I'd love to know: fitness class, laundry, grocery store, vet.

Let me know if you have any favorite apps you use while traveling. Thanks in advanced!

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