A Quarantine Schedule (and other suggestions while social distancing)

Updated: May 23, 2020

In a time of uncertainty, I've outlined a schedule for myself to maintain some sort of normalcy and to keep me from eating all the quarantine snacks.

Wake up

I lay in bed for 2 minutes and NOT grab my phone. Anxiety coach Trish Barillas recommends allowing the body to catch up and avoid screens as soon as you wake up.

*An article to help with anxiety here.

Stretch + Ground + Meditate + Journal

Insight timer course (currently I'm doing this one on self acceptance) or Deepak Chopra's 21 Day's Abundance Challenge


Pelton app is free for 90 days and has some great classes. Lululemon or Barry's have free classes on the IG.

*Healthy Breakfast*

I've been making super easy breakfasts, chia pudding with fruit and granola. Avocado toasts and soft boiled egg.


Thankfully I have some projects that are still in play but like everyone else and as a freelancer, a lot of projects were put on hold or canceled. I'm running with this force pause and taking a time out to explore creative projects I've been meaning to do.

Personal Work

Updating portfolio (hellocara.com)


2 minute booty workout breakout

30 sec squats

30 sec jump squats

30 sec right lunge

30 sec left lunge

Digital Spanish Class

I met an amazing spanish teacher when I was living in Guatemala. Every other day I do a one hour class and spend 30 mins on homework. *Message me if you want his info. It's very affordable and helping a teacher in Guatemala.

Facetime with friends (and wine)

Evening Entertainment

Watch the Paris Opra.

Date in the living room? Netflix and chill.

House Party App with friends.

Creative bonus (and wine, note wine can be added to any of the above, no judgement here)

Read / Audiobook

Podcast (How I Built This, Oprah, Creative Pep Talk, On Being)


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