Adding More Coziness At Home

Updated: May 23, 2020

As the weeks progress in quarantine and we somewhat acclimate to this new world of zoom calls, house party invites, and political ups and downs, I'm finding ways to optimize my social distancing home life by embracing the Scandanavian concept "hygge." This term popularized a few years ago means the "quality of coziness" but now feels more important than ever for quarantine mental health. I've outlined some suggestions to add more hygge to your home life.


Cozy AF Slippers

Growing up in a Filipino household, we weren't allowed shoes in the house we wore chinelas or 'house shoes' and I opt toward fuzzier the better.

Fleece indoor slippers, Amazon $23

Aromatherapy Heat Masks

I found these Japanese warming masks a saving grace on long flights. Now I like to use them as a screen break or when I need a calming me-time moment. They heat up and release a pleasant aromatherapy scent.

Amazon, $31.99

Essential oil the bad vibes away

A form of alternative medicine that employs plant extracts to support health and well-being deep inhales of them and dab a little on your temples or other pressure points for optimum relaxation. Choose from different oils for a particular wellness focus.

Doterra Essential Oils

Transport to a cabin in Big Sur

The first time I smelled this I described it as Christmas in Big Sur. It's smoky and reminds me of being in front of a big fireplace with a scotch.

Diptyque, Feu De Boise, $68

WFH Blanket

No quarantine life would be complete without a cozy throw.

Patterned Throw. West Elm, $41.30

Get Your Vitamin D

My mother would kick me out of the house as a kid and tell me to get my vitamin D. I never really understand the effect of the sun on my mood until my first winter in NY, endless cloudy days I was diagnosed with seasonal depression and my therapist prescribed me to "stare at a lightbulb". I thought she was nuts, but it actually works! I leave it on while I'm tidying up my room or while I'm putting on makeup. This is a pricier version because I'm a sucker for design but there are more affordable options as well.

Light Therapy Lamp, Amazon $139.99

Pajamas Are The New Power Suit

Let's face it if you're not figuring out how to wear your pajamas as daywear you're not quarantining right. Here's a set that can pull off as a zoom meeting and get you Netflix ready.

Uniqlo Printed Pajamas, $29.90


Sounds For Brain Care

A soundwave phenomenon known as binaural beats helps improves anxiety, stress relief, and improve focus. Listen for 10-15 minutes daily.

Free Spotify list here

Meditate like a Japanese Monk

I have to say meditation is the most important ritual that's helped me through the turmoil of this pandemic and honestly life in general. Airbnb Experiences is offering online experiences like this one, a zen meditation with a Japanese monk.

Airbnb Experience Online, $15

Breathe Workout

Breathwork is a game-changer, it's like hitting the deep relaxation button and at the same time helps process your backed up inner emotions. Don't believe me? Try it with breathwork master Allison Rutberg who normally holds breathwork circles in Brooklyn which has been moved digitally.

Tibetan Sounds

Sound meditation by Tibetan bowls and their vibration has been a practice for 5000 years. They carry rich audible tones and frequencies that work the body and our brain waves. I recently had an incredible experience with a holistic healer and sound practitioner Abigal Devine who holds practices via zoom.

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