Basic is the new.

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

I'm not a millennial, but I've accepted the digital culture that it's the new normal to present yourself as a brand on social media platforms. It makes sense for work, interviewers can get a behind the scene perspective of an applicant and we can see if potential romantic partners' lifestyle matches ours. All of this makes sense. Since I fit in the xiennial category where I didn't grow up in only social media, I find it all a little trying too hard. Or as a recent conversation with a friend called "digitally thirsty."

When you think of youtube stars, the first ones that were huge were the youth, because they understood how to use it and the audience, like them, lived there. Let's face it, it was too foreign to integrate into our own social constructs. We thought, who would want to watch a daily video, I mean WHY? We came from the era where famous people were actors or entertainers. Not regular people talking about their skincare routine.

That being said, it's given power to the middle part of the bell curve. They define what is aspirational and how the market markets. Being in a tech age where data is what is dictating what is being seen, the majority and basics of the world has the power. In my line of work, digital design, experiential, etc, the creative work is being subdued because the majority audience taste is subdued. There's a homogenous baseline for culture and aesthetic and it's terrifying. I'm not saying for everything, yes, there's a lot of creativity coming out. Unique narratives that are aspirational. But if we are honest with ourselves, even the way we dress has become pretty basic, hello athletileisure. We need party ideas, let's go on pinterest.

I don't want to come off as the negative nancy, but more so an observer, witnessing this shift and my own perplexity with it. I'm optimistic though and believe (slash hope) craft and taste will prevail.

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