Love In The Time Of Corona, A Diary.

Updated: May 23, 2020

“What day is it?”, is the first thing that comes to my barely awake mind. Remember you’re in Salvador, Brazil quaranting with my boyfriend I tell myself.

I think it’s week 5, 6, or 7? Who knows? Who cares. We are in a black mirror episode, 15 minutes in and no clue what the plot twist is yet. I’m not saying this with pessimism. I’ve embraced the present situation we’ve been in. I remember week 1, I was in pure confusion, high level drum of anxiety buzzing in both my subconscious and conscious space. Taking advantage of the zoom and IG live classes to pass the time. DJ’s keeping my quarantine nights vibe filled.

Oh wait, it’s week 6 for me. And I’ve decided quarantining with someone doesn’t bother me so much. Except having to literally see each other’s faces 24/7. So yea, that was sarcasm. We can’t use the grocery store to escape each other because in this town they’ve closed it off to non-residences and have to get our groceries so kindly picked up by our airbnb host. This is truly “love in the time of Corona” as my friend’s playlist was aptly titled.

It’s unnerving to be living like this, common thread of anxiety, this pandemic triggers our reptilian brains. We’ve gone from a newly loving couple, discovering each other’s quirks to old ball and chains, in the span of weeks.

Uncertainty has a funny way of effecting people. The world’s reptilian brain has kicked in and we are watching from the sidelines. I’m particularly feeling extra sensitive at times, when I read news headlines I’ve reverted back to watching Disney movies. I need warm fuzzy feelings right now.

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