My favorite taco spots in Mexico City.

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Oh Mexico City, the taco motherland. I'm an enthusiast, been born and breed in San Diego and pretty much raised on tacos. Now having lived in CDMX for most of the year I've gotten the opportunity to dig in and explore the taco situation. Think of this list as my taco dissertation complete with what to order when you're there. De nada.

Molino El Pujol - Avocado Tacos

Yes, this is an offshoot of the famous Chef's Table restaurant. The taco to get here is the avocado taco with cream corn infusion. It's what dreams are made of. Swaddled in a blue corn tortilla that's lined with a minty green leaf. The flavors feel very Oaxaca-y meaning earthy and refined. Hands down one of my favorite tacos I've ever had. Def go for two of these bad boys, they're pretty small, with a side elotes (corn with white cheese).

Pujol - Taco Omakase

If you want to shell out some money for a course tasting, Pujol's taco omakase is the way to go (omakase is a Japanese tradition for chef's choice). It's only served at the bar of the restaurant in Polanco and make sure to add the mezcal pairing. Duh.

El Auténtico Pato Manila - Duck Tacos

This tiny hipster spot is cute with a few seats and asian inspired small menu. You may have to wait behind some mustachioed guys but it moves quickly.

Tacobar - Cactus Taco

A trusted friend from Mexico, equally taco obsessed, brought me to this spot with the disclaimer that it was under the radar. Since then, I've taken local friends who didn't know the spot and was thanking me by the end saying it was their new favorite spot too. Truthfully, I was hesitant to include this because I debated keeping it all for myself, but what kind of person would I be? It's a simple local bar with a little taco stand in the back, serving tacos until 1 AM. Lots of vibe. Christian, the bartender and owner, also has some serious cocktail making skills, so much so that you will be a little wobbly coming out of this place.

Espendio de Maiz - Breakfast tacos

This is a super instagrammable spot with its stone traditional kitchen, while sitting out front on the terrace. Besides the ig stories, you come here for the breakfast tacos. They start by asking what kind of flavors you like and return with taco magicalness like it was Christmas morning. I also like to get the Oaxacan style coffee with cinnamon in it.

Tetetlán - Grasshopper tacos with cheese

A bit of a trek from the center but worth coming for this dual perk of being a Luis Barragán designed house and concept store. The shop is well curated with textiles, ceramics, leather sandals, and there's a yoga studio, and record store upstairs. The design of the interiors with its clear floors and perfect lighting is great to have your grasshopper tacos and celebrate your life choices.

El Habanero - Sauces Situation

I learned about this place from the chef at Molino El Pujol when I asked for his local easy peasy taco place. This is the most low key of the list but packed with flavor. They give you 8 homemade habanero infused sauces to pair with your tacos. If you can't handle spice don't worry, not all of them will clear your sinuses.

Taqueria Orinoco - Hipster Tacos

Apparently the product of a hip and cool branding agency that hipsterfied a taqueria. All portions are crazy big and not my favorite tacos but entertaining design and scene.

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