Pleasure Is Power: Activating Our Sacral Chakra

photos provided by Haab Project

Yesterday I hosted a women’s group in the beautiful space of Haab Project, a social and creative club in Mexico City. The topic was on the Sacral Chakra and our relationship to our sexuality and creative power. In a time where we are redefining who we are in this new world and many of us pivoting our 9-5, the sacral chakra seemed like the place to discuss, explore, and activate. I invited the founders of positive sexuality and eroticism brand, La Eroteca to lend their expertise on the subject.

What is the sacral chakra?

Firstly, the chakras are 7 energetic centers in the body. Physically they are tied to major organs and our nervous system. They must be balanced, not overactive or underactive, in order for them to function properly and use our energy efficiently.

The sacral chakra is right above our pubic bone and below our belly button. It’s also labeled as the sexual chakra as our reproductive organs live in this area and we harness our sensuality. How we relate to others and ourselves. And is responsible for passion, intimacy, creativity. It’s no wonder it's where we birth life.

How to activate our sacral chakra to expand our creativity:

"Masturbation is the new meditation."

Setting a ritual by creating an atmosphere that feels special for us and to supercharge it with an intention.

"Pleasure is power."

The importance of seducing ourselves. One exercise is taking a mirror and staring at ourselves with seductive and desiring eyes.

Advocating for ourselves.

Women fake orgasms a lot. The entire room except one (lucky) raised their hand when asked if they have faked an orgasm in the past. It's highly likely if you are a heterosexual woman, you've faked an orgasm. Practicing articulating what feels good, even if you feel it takes longer, or they're giving you pornhub style moves, you are the master of your v-domain.

Sexuality is not just about pleasure, it's the portal to our creativity and aura/vibe/presence. When we connect to our sacral chakra we connect to the physical and emotional freedom, “we let go of our fears and boundaries to enjoy the bountiful happiness of the human experience".

Big thanks again to La Eroteca their talk on Pleasure Is Power @laeroteca, Haab Project for welcoming us to their beautiful space, Postales for the delish tea and treats, and lovely flowers by Empower Flowers!

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