Under The Shadows Of Coconut Trees

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Praihna Beach, Itacaré (Bahia Brazil)

We hear echos from the waves in the distance, promising of a treasure to be found.

We look up at the last bit of light, right before the jungle engulfs us. First it’s the smell that hits, fresh, damp earth. My skin feels cooler under the canopy. Meandering past trees the shapes of snakes, mushrooms in colors unable to describe.

There's a group in the distance, likely on the hunt for the same treasure. Locals, sun kissed, with their surfboards in hand. They smile as we tag onto their caravan, marching silently together through the narrow half kept pathway.The sounds of waves growing louder, we now find ourselves at the edge of a mountain. I hear my own gasp in awe of what’s before me. Mountainside covered in palm trees with massive waves crashing at the base. We continue along the edge, stumbling over rocks and once wooden steps that haven’t been repaired in years.

My feet step onto sand. A pocket beach half moon lined with coconut trees acting like a fence holding back the wildness of the jungle. We are nestled between a valley, a handful of houses perched high above as if judging down on us.

The water is cold and my body coils. I decide to retreat to my towel under the shadows of the coconut trees.

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